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Eddie Emery

Eddie Emery

Date of Birth: 07/08/44

Date of Death: 09/18/62


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06/14/11 06:20 PM #1    

Allen "Butch" Owen

My good friends life was cut way too short. We had some great times together growing up.

08/04/11 05:49 PM #2    

Alvin Spell

I would have to sincerely agree with Butch.  Eddie had a great sense of humor, and even after his first problems with his health, he still was fun loving.  I had the pleasure of working side by side with Eddie at Nehls Cheverolet in the parts department during our High School years.  I often think of Eddie.

Alvin Spell


08/23/11 10:58 PM #3    

Carol Bohannon (Martin)

I will never forget graduation night when Eddie walked across the stage with the aid of crutches.  His class gave him a standing ovation.  His short life was one of my first encounters with the fact that "Life just isn't fair".  Carol Bohannon Martin

09/06/11 10:31 AM #4    

Larry Rives

Harry Edward Emery, Jr.

9 July 1944 - 18 September 1962: Colonial Gardens, Marshall, Texas

09/23/11 08:58 AM #5    

Lyra Carolyn Fugler (McCarty)

Memories sometimes just show up like unmatched socks from the back of the drawer. Perhaps, if Life was fair, we could meet at the reunion and have a laugh about one such memory that popped up when I saw your name. It was 1st grade and we were waiting for the bus to pick us up after school. Because it was winter, we had to wait inside. The teacher on duty stepped out for awhile leaving us unattended. You know the "cats away rule." So, the "mice" began to run around the room chasing each other and squealing and hooting. Instead of doing the sane thing and staying in my seat, I joined in the game. I was headed for the "cloak room" to hide but you overcame me, mistook my hair for a horse rein and jerked it so hard I thought my brain was leaving my skull. The ensuing headache sent me "wimping" back to my seat, whereupon I pulled my little gray, wool coat over my throbbing head, debated whether to hate boys for life and stayed until time to leave. The lessons I derived from this experience were two fold. First, I needed to practice running faster and second, when boys start acting crazy, it's time to scram for cover or leave the scene instead of joining the fray. See what I mean about memories...So, thanks my friend for the laugh and the life lesson. Holding you in remembrance.

12/01/11 11:46 PM #6    

Sharon Medine (Catlett)

I think of Eddie often.  I remember sitting on the field with Eddie as we waited for the class to march in.  I was so scared I would fall trying to walk across the stage with crutches.  He encouraged me to just let the crutches do their job.  Don't get stiff!  I feel blessed to have shared those minutes with Eddie. So happy he was not sitting there by himself.  He loved chocolate malts and laughter.  Loved his smile.

03/12/12 12:54 AM #7    

Jeanne Campbell (Dorgan)

I loved Eddie's smile and always felt like he was so care free. He walked slow and I never saw him get in a hurry.When he came into class, it was like a stroll. Little did I know that later in life would I think of him so often and cry so much for him...............I am crying as I write see the bond if that is what you want to call it.. Eddie and my precious grandson shared the same cancer and shared the same heart hurts so much for the pain that Eddie went through because I know first hand what he baby,Colten felt the same thing...the tumors kept comming.............this is all I can do..for them both... I LOVE YOU BOTH,  EDDIE AND COLTEN...R.I.P.

04/26/12 09:46 PM #8    

Melissa Wall (Taylor)

What a brave soldier you were when we were all looking forward to our new beginnings.  I will always remember your shy smile and fun spirit.  You were a good friend and I thank you for that!

05/05/12 10:13 PM #9    

Theresa Ann (Teri) Butler (Butler)

My fondest memory of Eddie is when we were in the 6th grade at Stephen F. Austin Elementary School in the music teacher's class, and she was planning our class's performance in the carnival.  The group started doing the minuet and was dressing appropriately for that dance - long dresses, white wig like hair style, etc.  Well, after everyone went around a few times in a circle, the teacher had Eddie and I ALONE do a jiggerbug, bop type dance and get rid of the wigs.  It was so much fun doing that dance and being different from the rest of the class.  All through school, I remembered that dance/performance with Eddie.  Once Eddie got sick, I would stop by his hospital room and visit with him.  We laughed over our performance.  It became strange after he lost his leg that this would be what we would remember.  But I was glad we both had that memory to share.

Theresa Ann Butler

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