60 YearRunion

Committee work has begun for the 60 Year Reunion.  The date will be November 4 & 5.  The place and all the particulars are in the works.  As things develop, it will be reported here, under this heading.  It will be an exciting event and enjoyable for everyone.  If you have any information that needs to be posted here for everyone to view, please let me know.  Thanks


March 20, 2022

The committees are hard at work.  They are trying to hash out everything and get some things locked down to make the best ever reunion.  The only thing that can make it better is for you to plan to be there.  We know the dates, so you have plenty of time to get all your arrangements made and finalized in order for you to attend.  It's been five years since you have seen some of your classmates, and some of them have aged a little and you might not recognize then.  Don't worry, we will have name tags on so you will know who we are.  This is going to be a lot of fun.



April 23, 2022

Note from the Reunion Planning Committee:  Information brought to you by Anita Pace Quinn.


We have reserved several venues to offer you opportunities to visit, dine, and even dance with friends from your MHS days on Friday & Saturday, November 4 & 5.

We’ll be mixing and mingling at the:

Party room at the recently updated Memorial City Hall

​Ballroom at the top of The Grand (formerly Hotel Marshall)

​Lakeside Country Club

There’ll be an opportunity to take some tours also.  More in on that in a later message.

Due to the generosity of classmates Alvin Spell, Jerry Cargill, Eddie Joe Clark, and Terry Holley, who’ve made generous donations, we will only require a $10 fee for those who attend the weekend festivities!!  Isn’t that great?!

Now that you are getting all this update information, we want you to start making your plans to attend.  There will be more information to follow soon, providing you with motel accommodations information.  I also believe that signup information will will be coming.  I am getting excited just writing this message.  You realize that this IS our 60th REUNION.  We are all older than dirt, and most of us are trying to remember our classmates,  as I said before, we will have nametags on to help us along the way.


June 14, 2022

I thought it was time for another quick update.  If you haven't done it already, mark your calendar for November 4 & 5, 2022, where everyone will be accumulating in Marshall, TX to celebrate our 60th reunion.  What a blast that's going to be.

Soon, information will be mailed out for our SAVE THE DATE notice.  So if you have made any address changes, please get that information to us so the changes can be added to our list.

Also, below is a list of the folks that are working hard to make this celebration the BEST.

          Kay Sharron Blackmon Moseley

          Shirley Munden Ford

          Jerry Cargill

          Eddie Joe Clark

          Narcie Moore Crosby

          Dianne Schnorbus McConnell

          Anita Pace Quinn

          Shirley Frobese Hensley

          Danny Love

          Terry Holley

          Narcissa Moore Channel

With a group like that, it's got to be a big success.  So all the rest of just have to show up and have a good time.


Your classmate,



August 21, 2022

I am going to do my best to get this list together to let you know about all of the 

early birds that have already committed to attending the 60th reunion.  As new

names sign up, I will update the list.

Nancy Ayers and Roger                                        Narcie Moore and Tony

Betty Bailey and Bob                                             Narcissa Moore and Hap

Linda Berry                                                             Shirley Munden

Betty Ann Cacioppo and Joe Black                     Sue Murphy and David

Kay Blackmon and Sam                                        Patsy McDow and Guest

Carol Bohannon and  Sammy                              Lillian Nader

Juanita Cacioppo and Tom                                   Richard Young and Beverly

Jean Campbell                                                       Anita Pace and Tom

Jerry Cargill and Judy                                           John Pedison and Frances

George Chance and Linda                                    Dianne Schnorbus

Eddie Joe Clark and Anne                                      Nan Scott

Betsy Duke  and guest                                            Alvin Spell and Ava

Gary Evans and Linda                                            Joan Steele

Karen Foster and David                                          John Stropp

Shirley Frobese and Lloyd                                      Rae Verhalen

Vivian Harvey                                                           Melissa Wall                                       

Terry Holley and Joke                                               Sherry Manning Tiller and Joe

Danny Love and Gail                                                Sandra Blackburn and Chuck

Donna Mae Lane                                                        Pat Drake and Chester

Richard Pruitt                                                             Glenda Harper and James

Sherrill Love                                                                Sherry Manning  

Sharon Medine and Scott                                           Billie Flowers and Steven

Brenda Greer Foster                                                    Johnette Lloyd Grubaugh

Carl George and Shirley                                              Glenda Harper and James

Annabel Holcomb and Mel                                          John Clark and Kathleen

Alvin Oney                                                                    Brenda Simpson and Rex

Evelyn Stovall and Jim                                                Sandra Thomason Sheridan 

Margaret Whelan                                                           Jerry Woodley

Ann Hill Lefler and Bobby                                            Jerry Foley





Now that you have seen the list, get your name in and you will be added.


update     Update     Update     Update     Update     Update      Update 

September 6, 2022

The information below is for those of us that have not been in Marshall in forever, and some that 

have but can't remember where the venue's are.



          FRIDAY NIGHT “Arrival Mixer    5:00 – 7:00 p.m.


          Memorial City Hall (Formerly City Hall…where we attended Lions Loonies productions & other stage productions, paid water bills, police dept was on lower floor)

          110 E. Houston St.

          (It’s located on the Southeast Corner of the SQUARE)




          SATURDAY MORNING Brunch/Breakfast    10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.          

          Marshall Grand (formerly Hotel Marshall)

          210 East. Houston ST

          (1 block off the Courthouse Square; tallest building in Marshall)


          SATURDAY EVENING: Social Hour, Remembrance & Reminiscing, Dinner, Dancing/Music/Visiting  6:00 – 10:00 p.m.


          Lakeside Country Club

          6315 TX Hwy 43 N   (Karnack hwy)

          (on left side of the hwy, just beyond the Marshall City Limits sign)